Future Proof Your IT with SystemActive and HP Subscription


Future on Pocket WatchHP subscription removes the headache and worries of future proofing your IT needs 3-5 years down the road. Choose the IT you require now and at the end of your term simply continue your subscription and refresh to the latest and most suitable IT.


Do you need to quickly equip a new member of staff or a new office with IT? Subscription helps you finance this without taking an immediate hit on your P/L accounts. Spread the cost over 3 years. For example, a £3,000 IT investment can be paid at £81.02 a month or £10,000 at £269.19.


Spreading the cost of new technology over two or three years allows you to keep money in your bank for when you need it most.

HP Subscription ExamplesIT BUDGET ANALYSIS

By paying at monthly intervals you are more able to demonstrate return on investment for your IT decisions. When you add to your IT Estate you can better evaluate its effect from month 1.


We can send your quote within a few hours and with some brief information from you provide approvals in a few minutes.


Bank and other loan arrangements remain intact because computer leasing preserves existing credit lines.