HP ZBooks Drop Shipped to the International Space Station

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zbooks on the international space stationNASA refreshes the computers on the space station every four years—and starting this year, a total of 120 ZBook 15s will be launched into space.1 Here's how ZBooks perform in space (and on Earth):


  • Rugged. Not every computer can handle the demands of space. The ZBook 15 went through lots of tests—including getting blasted with radiation—to make sure it could still function optimally onboard the space station. It also withstood a rigorous battery of Military-Standard 810G testing including drop, shock and extreme temperatures, plus 10 years’ worth of radiation exposure.
  • Powerful processors. The ZBook uses new 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors.
  • Lightweight design. The ZBook 15 weighs in at a svelte 4.18 pounds, which makes rocketing 120 of them 240 nautical miles off the planet just a little easier.
  • A massive memory. ZBooks are loaded with up to 1 TB internal memory5 that lets astronauts save and organize their valuable research.


What are the astronauts going to be doing with all those workstations? Here are some of the cool things they’ve got going on:

  • Command and control. The ZBooks will interface with the systems to provide command and telemetry functions which support vehicle control, life support and critical maintenance operations.
  • Mission support. The workstations will be used to support more than 500 experiments conducted each year.
  • Physical and mental health. HP ZBooks will be used to monitor and support the health of astronauts enduring the rigors of space. This includes everything from retina eye exams to video conferencing and IP Phone calls to support connectivity with family and friends to support mental well-being.


So how did they get those laptops up there, anyway?
The ZBook 15s hitched a ride on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. The rocket carried Dragon, a free­flying spacecraft designed to deliver cargo to the space station. After breaking through the earth’s atmosphere at supersonic speed, Dragon was able to approach the space station; then the space station crew used the station’s 57.7­foot robotic arm to reach out and capture it. Watch the exciting mission here.

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