Image of HP Reverb
Close up image of HP Reverb

Transform your expectations of a VR headset with the HP Reverb Enterprise Edition and take your content to another level with this ultra-light, ultra-immersive headset that's changing the game. Its optical clarity of 9.3 Megapixels combined panel resolutions, full RGB subpixel stripe and an extended 114-degree field of view are best in class. Using ‘Inside out’ tracking, means there are no tracking cameras to setup, so it’s simply Plugin and Go! Featuring adjustable and removable headphones with built-in spatial audio and dual mics with smart assistant for convenient communication while collaborating, coupled with two Bluetooth controllers for interaction with your 3D content, plus soft, adjustable straps designed for a custom fit.

SystemActive offers purchase or leasing options for the HP Reverb headset, plus some great HP hardware solution bundles including the headset plus approved Laptops and Workstations to get you up and running no matter what your budget, so call the team today on 01435 860 180 or contact us via or via our webform, to find out more.