Varjo XR-1 on display stand
Woman wearing Microsoft HoloLens 2
Microsoft HoloLens 2

Mixed Reality (MR) gives the user a 3D graphical overlay into the environment they are viewing, using either a see-through lens (optical pass through) or high-resolution cameras (digital pass through), to mix thier real-world surroundings with 3D images of thier design or product. MR headsets and glasses are growing in performance and capability to allow users a hybrid of combining fully immersive VR content with the practicality of AR devices. For many users the ability to see the real-world when they put on the headset or glasses leads to a seamless immersion and interaction with the content, it also opens up a whole new world of use case possibilities.

SystemActive offers a wide range of Mixed Reality Glasses and headsets, from manufacturers such as Varjo, Lenovo, Third Eye, and Microsoft. Our team can advise which device is right for your use-case and budget, then offer leasing or purchase options for individual devices or complete hardware solution bundles with workstations and laptops and including training and support. The SystemActive team are constantly evaluating and testing new technology as it comes to market, to offer the best advice on the latest solutions. We also offer workshops and hands-on session, so you can understand the benefits of each solution. We have some great offers on Workstation and Laptop hardware solution bundles,, so call the team today on 01435 860 180 or contact us via or via our webform, to find out which solutions will work best for you.