How To Claim Your HP Education Brighter Futures Trade-in Rewards

This article explains how schools can claim their HP Education Brighter futures Trade-in Rewards.  Schools can claim up to £100 for each desktop or laptop traded-in against a qualifying HP Product up to a maximum of 250 devices.

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Time Needed: 10 minutes

Total Cost: GBP 0.00

Things Needed ?

- Trade-in Device(s)
- Qualifying new HP Product(s)
- Proof of Purchase from HP Education Brighter Futures 2022 Partner

Required tools:

- A Computer.
- Internet connection.

Steps to claim your HP Education Learning Partnership Trade-in rewards

Step 1 : Purchase

Purchase your qualifying HP Products within the promotional period (01 April 2022 to 31 March 2023) from SystemActive or another HP Education Brighter Futures Partner.

Buy - fill shopping trolley
Step 2 : Claim

Submit your online claim within 30 days of your date of purchase.

Complete claim form
Step 3 : Await Confirmation

Receive confirmation of receipt and whether the claim is successful within 2 working days

Await confirmation
Step 4 : Send

Send your trade-in device(s) within 30 days of approval of your claim.

Sending by paper plane
Step 5 : Receive Reward

Your account is credited within 30 days of receipt of your qualifying trade-in device.

Receive your reward