HP for Education Trade-in PROMOTION




These Conditions set out the terms and conditions applicable to the HP for Education Trade-in Promotion (“Promotion”) for which Consenna Limited, a company registered in Scotland under number SC357063 with its registered office at The Old Mill, Houston, PA6 7AW is the (“Promoter”).
1. The Promotion is open to Schools, Colleges or Academies (“Participant”) located in the England, Scotland and Wales:

  1. Purchase a new(“Qualifying Product”) during the (“Promotional Period”) from an (“Authorised Reseller”) authorised HP reseller or retailer for their own use (claims where product purchased is to be resold or rented to a third party are ineligible for the Promotion;


  1. On purchase of a Qualifying Product in accordance with Condition 1a above, Participants must subsequently trade in a device that meets the Criteria set out in condition (“Trade-In Device”) following the process set out in these terms (“Trade-in Process”)


  1. Complete a claim form accessed viawww.hpfe2020.com within 30 days of the invoice date of the Qualifying Product together with proof of purchase in the form of a sellers invoice clearly showing Participant details, the number and type of Qualifying Products purchased, the purchase price, date of purchase and details of the authorised reseller or retailer from whom they purchased the Qualifying Product


For the purposes of the Promotion:

“Qualifying Products” can be found at www.hpfe2020.com/qualifyingbundles.

“Promotional Period” shall be from 03 February 2020 (00:01-GMT) to 31st January 2021 (23:59-GMT) or such longer period as the Promoter may determine and notify on www.hpfe2020.com.

Trade-in Device” means the working monitor and desktop to be traded-in by the Participant in connection with the Promotion that meets the requirements of condition

“Trade-in Process” is the complete lifecycle of the Participant claim from purchase to disbursement of Rewards and or redemption of those Rewards where applicable

“Credit Reward” can be taken as Staff Room Credit or a combination of Staff Room Credit and Reseller Credit. The Staff Room Credit is redeemable against services executed by chosen “Supply Partners” with the HPfE Staff Room.  Prices displayed for Services within the Staff Room are inclusive of VAT.  Reseller Credit is redeemable against a subsequent purchase from the Participant’s preferred Reseller.

"Authorised HP Reseller" is any authorised HP reseller and the HP Store. Amazon Marketplace, eBay and any other marketplace sellers are specifically excluded from this Promotion and shall not be considered Authorised Resellers in any circumstance.

2.  Participants that meet the requirements of the Promotion shall be entitled to a trade-in reward (“Reward”) as specified below, subject to any deductions that may be made in accordance with condition 8. Participants will be entitled to choose whether they receive any eligible Reward related to the Claim as either a monetary reward (“Cash Reward”) or alternatively elect to take a credit equivalent paid into their HPFE Platform Wallet (“Credit Reward”) as defined in the HPFE Platform Terms. Details of the relevant Reward amounts are set out at Table 1 below.  Monitors are not eligible for Platform Wallet Credit Rewards and shall only receive the Cash Reward listed below.  All Reward values displayed are inclusive of VAT. The Promoter is not responsible for any exemption or rebates of VAT; invoices submitted for proof of purchase supplied by Authorised Resellers and Service Providers must be VAT invoices.

Table 1 - Rewards

Trade-in Device Value
PC or Laptop £100/€100
Monitor £20/€20

3.   On purchase of a new Qualifying Product from an authorised reseller of HP, the Participant should submit a claim form via www.hpfe2020.com together with proof of purchase in the form of a sellers invoice clearly showing Participant details, the number and type of Qualifying Products purchased, the purchase price, date of purchase and details of the authorised reseller from whom they purchased the Qualifying Product.  Customers who are submitting Claims on Leased goods must also submit a letter of written consent for Participation from their chosen Lease Provider. Claim forms must be submitted within 30 days of the date of purchase as evidenced by the date of the Seller’s invoice. Participants may only Trade-in a maximum of 1000 devices through the duration of the Promotion.  Participants who purchase a Qualifying Product which is a Monitor may only Trade-in a Monitor for Reward.  Participants who purchase a Qualifying Product which is a Desktop, laptop or Workstation may Trade-in a Desktop, Laptop, Workstation or Monitor for Reward.


  1. Once the claim form and supporting documents have been received, the Promoter will check the claim and confirm it meets the requirements of the Promotion. The Promoter will endeavour to send the Participant confirmation of receipt and confirmation of whether the Participant’s claim has been successful or not within 2 working days of submission.

5. Participants who provide an incomplete claim form and/or supporting documents will not qualify for the Promotion and their claim will be refused.

6. In the event that the Promoter confirms that the Participant’s claim meets the requirements of the Promotion, the Promoter will email the Participant advising the Participant of the same and providing details of how the Participant can trade in their Trade-in Device.  The Participant must follow the instructions of the Promoter around return and packaging of the Trade-in Device. The Promoter will have no responsibility where the Participant fails to follow the Promoter’s instructions. For Claims of 10 Trade-In Devices or more a free pick-up service is available.  The pick-up service includes a maximum 2 pick-up attempts by the courier, any additional pick-up attempts will incur a direct cost to the Participant or be refused.

7. The Participant must dispatch their Trade-In Device in order that this is received by the Promoter or the recycler appointed by the Promoter within 60 days of receipt (or such other period as may be specified in the instructions of the Promoter sent in accordance with Condition 6) of the Promoter’s email confirming that the Participant’s claim meets the requirements of the Promotion.  For the purposes of this promotion the recycler is named as Re-Tek Limited. In the event that Trade In Devices  are received after the specified period or in the event that the Trade-In Device does not meet the requirements specified at Condition 8,  the Promoter will contact the Participant to advise that their Trade-in Device has been rejected or, at the Promoter’s sole discretion is subject to revaluation in accordance with Condition 8.  In the event that the Promoter rejects the Trade-in Device the Promoter will arrange for the Trade-in Device to be recycled free of charge unless the Participant notifies the Promoter within 7 days of receipt of the Promoter’s email that the Trade-in Device should be returned to the Participant at the Participant’s cost.  In the event that the Promoter re-values the Trade-in Device the Participant  may notify the Promoter within 7 days of receipt of the Promoter’s email that the Trade-in Device that it rejects the revaluation amount and whether the Trade-in Device  should be returned to the Participant at the Participant’s cost. The Participant can contact the Promoter regarding the matters set out in this condition via the trade-in portal www.hpfe2020.com.

8.  In order to be eligible for the Promotion the Trade-in Devices must be a desktop, laptop with a minimum 10” screen size or monitor that is complete and in full working order and no more than 10 years old.  CRT Monitors shall not qualify for the Promotion. In addition, in order to be eligible, the Trade-In Device must be owned by the Participant, have been owned by the Participant since purchase and not owned by, leased to or from another party. The Promoter reserves the right to request proof of ownership of the Trade-In Device and to reject any claim where the Promoter is not satisfied that the Participant is the rightful owner. Monitors and desktops must include the AC power adaptor. Thin clients, password protected, or BIOS locked units do not qualify for the Promotion. The Promoter may revalue the Trade-In Product where it is damaged or does not meet the foregoing criteria as laid out in Table 2 below in which case the Promoter will advise the Participant of the proposed re-valuation amount.

Table 2 – Re-Evaluation Amounts

Description of Fault Deduction amount (Credit or £/€)
Battery worn out/failed 20
Cracked or damaged casing 20
Dead Motherboard Not eligible for reward
Missing Keys from Keyboard 10
Missing or not working power supply 20
Permanent marking ie asset tag/etching 20
Password or Bios locked Not eligible for reward
Missing hard drive 20

9.  The Promoter will pay the Cash Reward to the Participant by BACs to the Participant’s account using the details submitted by the Participant during the claims process. The Promoter shall credit the Credit Reward to the Participant via the secure online portal at www.hpfe2020.com. The Promoter shall have no liability where the Participant has failed to provide correct account details.  Failure to provide complete and correct account details shall disqualify the Participant from the Promotion.

10. Where the Participant opts to use Credit Rewards they will be entitled to the amounts stated in Table 1 with an additional 50% Reward on the Trade-in of PCs, Laptops, Workstations.  Where the Credit Reward is taken as Reseller Credit the Reward must be spent with the Reseller within 60 days of the Claim being approved.  Where the Participant opts for Staff Room Credit the Reward must be spent within 90 days from the date of the Claim being approved.  It is the responsibility of the Participant to then upload a proof of the purchase provided by the Reseller/Service Provider to confirm the consumption of this Credit Reward whereby the Promoter will pay the Participant via BACS transfer the value of the Credit.

11. The Promoter shall endeavour to credit the Participant's account with the Reward within no later than seven (7) working days of receipt of a qualifying Trade-In Product or confirmation from the Participant that it accepts the revaluation of the Trade-In Product in accordance with Condition 7. The Promoter shall not be liable where claims are processed out with this timeframe.

12.  The Participant shall be responsible for fulfilling any tax obligations required by applicable law in relation to the Reward.

13.   By registering for the Promotion, Participants are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these Conditions and any other terms applicable to the Promotion or otherwise specified by the Promoter.  By participating in this promotion, you consent to receive future email correspondence with information about goods and services similar to those within this promotion.  HP reserves the right to closely monitor usage of the promotional website, including users’ IP addresses, so that we may identify misuse, and disqualify applications. Personal data supplied during the course of this promotion may be passed on to third party suppliers only insofar as required for verification of applications and payment of the of the cash reward. View the privacy statement [url=https://hpfe2020.com/privacypolicy]here[/url].

14.   Return of the Qualifying Product to the reseller or retailer following submission of the claim will disentitle the Participant to the Reward. In such instance, no claim may be made for a Reward and any Reward that has been paid must be returned.

15.   The Promoter reserves the right to audit all claims to ensure that the terms and conditions of the Promotion have been met and to request additional information regarding any claims and/ or supporting documents. The Reward will only be paid where the Promoter is satisfied that the Participant meets the requirements of the Promotion. If a claim is refused on the grounds that the terms of the Promotion have not been met, the Promoter's decision is final.

16.   The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the Promotion by providing 14 days' notice.

17.   The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify incomplete claims. No responsibility will be accepted for claims that are incomplete, lost or late or where Trade-In Devices are received late or do not meet the requirements of the Promotion.  The Promoter is not responsible for or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server or website failure to the extent this prevents or delays the Participant from participating in the Promotion.

18.   Submission of false, incomplete misleading or fraudulent documentation may lead to disqualification from the Promotion and future promotions and could lead to legal action being taken against the submitter. In the event that any overpayments or incorrect or false payments are made, the recipient shall repay such sums within 7 days of a notice by the Promoter requesting them to do so and shall indemnify the Promoter from any costs, losses,  expenses or tax liabilities incurred by the Promoter as a result of any such overpayment or incorrect or false payment being made and/ or for recovery of such sums.

19.   The decisions of the Promoter regarding all aspects of the Promotion are final and binding.

20.   The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature caused to Participants due to the Promotion or any Qualifying Product. This shall not exclude any liability for death or personal injury of the Participant caused by the negligence of the Promoter.  The Promoter accepts no responsibility for loss of any data or information contained on the Trade-in Device. Deletion or backup of all information and data contained on a Trade-in Device is the responsibility of the Participant.

21.    The HP Promotion and these Conditions are governed by the Laws of England and Wales.