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"Pico provides innovative VR solutions which enable users to experience VR and Interactive CGI experiences. SystemActive has been appointed the UK Reseller for Pico"

Founded in 2015 Pico has expanded into an international enterprise VR solution provider. Pico's flexible approach to business, AAA developer support, and global distribution are unique among all VR hardware companies. Pico was the first company to design an all-in-one VR device and the first to offer a standalone VR HMD. Pico enterprise partners deploy solutions in medical, training, collaboration, presentation, marketing, and out-of-home entertainment.

Pico products can only be purchased by small, medium and enterprise business customers with a valid VAT number. If you are in health, education, or public sector, please contact us before ordering".

The Pico Neo 2 Eye offers all the features of the standard Neo 2 and introduces the benefits of Tobii’s global-leading eye tracking solution, allowing for a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and enhanced training efficiency. Additionally, the Eye includes dynamic foveated rendering powered by Tobii Spotlight Technology™. This helps increase the framerate by up to 36% and reduces shading loads by up to 72%, leading to higher quality visuals and more efficient performance. Built with business in mind, the Pico New 2 Eye is the perfect enterprise solution.


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The 6th device from Pico and the 3rd device to implement 6 DoF tracking, the Neo 3 Pro is the optimal combination of price and performance. All the features you need to get to work without added subscriptions or complicated commercial conditions. The scalable choice for all types of enterprise VR deployments. Deploy your PC content using wireless or high performance wired streaming (Nvidia Direct Mode via DisplayPort). Or develop native applications using Pico SDK (Unreal, UnityXR, and OpenXR game engines compatible).



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Incl. VAT: £ 660.00
Excl VAT: £ 550.00
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The G2 4K Enterprise is designed for partners who are using VR for demanding applications and in the most stringent of environments. In addition to the G24K features, Enterprise adds easy-to-clean materials, an improved 16MP single RGB camera, and 128GB storage. This is our most advanced 3DoF HMD ever created.


Incl. VAT: £ 420.00
Excl VAT: £ 350.00
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Our 3DoF headset features a 4K LCD display with 3840x2160 screen resolution-With a refresh rate of 75Hz and a ppi of 818, the G2 4K has brighter and clearer picture quality to deliver a premium viewing experience.


Incl. VAT: £ 318.00
Excl VAT: £ 265.00
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