image of woman holding smart glasses
close up of man wearing smart glasses
Person holding tablet depicting AR

Augmented Reality (AR) via Smart Glasses or Tablets is proving to be the essential tool in a wide variety of Enterprise use-cases. From equipping on site teams with hands-free manuals or remote expert capabilities, to viewing real-time IOT data in front of machines on a manufacturing line, AR is changing the way work employees interact with company data and services. Our team can give you hands-on demonstrations of each device, allowing you to experience the best in AR and understand which device is right for your use-case.

SystemActive offers a wide range of AR Smart Glasses and Tablets from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Google, RealWear, Vuzix, HP, Samsung and others to give you the best options for your use case and budgets, all available to lease or purchase, with options for training and ongoing support. Plus, the SystemActive team is constantly evaluating and testing new technology as it comes to market, so we can offer the best advice on the latest devices, so call the team today on 01435 860 180 or contact us via or via our webform, to find out more.