Allocation of Pre-order Reverb G2 All Sold

We have now sold all of the HP Reverb G2 allocation we were given for Pre-order on Day 1 of the release.  Thank you all for your great support in this launch and we look forward to delivering your orders on Day 1 of release.  The second release will probably be 4 weeks after the first.  We are taking orders for these now.  When we get cancellations for the Day 1  release we will replace them from the second release orders on a first come basis. The Official announcement of the first release is imminent. 

SystemActive is the exclusive pre-order partner of HP UK for the new Reverb G2. Delivery Autumn 2020.

Pre-order here for second release

This is the full HP Reverb G2 package including handset controllers - HP Part Number 1N0T5AA. Not to be confused with the headset only - HP Part Number 1N0T4AA.

HP Reverb G2

The no-compromise VR Headset

developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, is the breakthrough headset providing an enhanced immersive experience. Ergonomically designed for comfort and optimised for compatibility.

Exceptional combination of visuals and sound

Equipped with industry-leading lenses and speakers designed by Valve, this HMD provides the highest quality resolution among major vendors2 and fully immersive spatial audio.


  • Resolution — Immerse yourself in ultra sharp visuals with mura-free, 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye and full RGB stripe. At 9.3 million pixels, get 2.5x more pixels than Oculus Rift S.
  • Lenses — Get more clarity over the previous gen with new industry-leading lenses designed by Valve.
  • Audio — Get a high quality audio experience with industry-leading Valve speakers. They sit off the ear by 10mm, allowing you to have a more comfortable fit.

£639 including VAT and Delivery to UK

HP Reverb G2 Headset only

Would you prefer to pre-order the HP Reverb G2 Headset Only - HP Part Number 1N0T4AA for 1st day delivery?  This does not include the controllers.

£538 including VAT and Delivery to UK

SteamVR Logo

Brings cutting-edge technology, seamless integration with SteamVR, & improved optics and audio

Microsoft Logo

Brings industry leading 6DoF tracking with integration to SteamVR

HP Logo

Brings the world’s most comprehensive commercial VR portfolio


Redefining the way we Game, Create, Collaborate and Learn

Gamers using the HP Reverb G2
Woman creating in VR using HP Reverb G2
Image of people collaborating with the HP Reverb G2
Doctor using HP reverb G2 to learn

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