Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Promotion

To participate in the Brighter Futures promotion, you must be a school or college located in England. This programme is not open to Consumers, Business, Universities or educational establishments located in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland.

To participate in the Brighter Futures promotion you must purchase a qualifying product within the promotional period and submit your claim within 30 days from the date of your invoice

There is no limit to the amount of claims you can make but you each establishment is limited to trading in 250 units maximum throughout the promotional period.

No, if you purchase a single qualifying product, you may trade in a single device to claim a reward.

You must purchase at least one qualifying product to participate

Brighter Futures promotion runs January 24th 2022 to December 31st 2022

Brighter Futures rewards are cash rewards made via BACS transfer. The reward values are listed below and are based on the qualifying product you purchase.

Qualifying Product Purchased/ CPU
Reward amount (£)
Intel i5/ AMD Ryzen 5 and upwards
All others

Brighter Futures is a one for one programme so you may trade-in a device for every qualifying product you purchase up to the cap of 250 units.

Questions about Claims

There are a few things you will need to hand to submit your claim:

  • School name & address
  • Contact name, job title, telephone number and email address of…the claimant or the school contact?
  • Proof of purchase (this must be your invoice; we cannot accept order acknowledgements or purchase orders)
  • Details of your purchased goods
  • Details of your trade-in goods

Once you have submitted your claim, you will receive an email advising your claim number. If you have not received this email please contact

All the eligible products will be listed on our featured products page here. If you cannot find your newly purchased product on this page, then unfortunately it is not eligible for the promotion, and you will not be able to claim or trade-in against the purchase of this device.

Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the date on your invoice, if you are unable to select your purchase date because it is over the 30-day time frame then unfortunately you have missed the claim window and cannot proceed.

Proof of purchase files should be in PDF format. If you have a physical paper copy, you can scan it to your PC or laptop or take a photograph of it and email it to yourself. If your supplier has emailed this to you as a PDF you can upload it straight to the claim form, otherwise, open your file, click ‘Save As’ and select PDF from the dropdown box before saving.

Within the claim form there is a drag and drop box, you can simply select your file and drag it into this box to upload. Alternatively, you can click in the box which will open a file explorer window allowing you to select your file and upload from a folder.

Our claims team will review your submission within 1 business day and contact you if there are any queries. If your claim is fine to proceed, our claims team will instruct our recycling partner to contact you and arrange the collection of your trade-in devices. Please note your trade-in devices must be collected within 60 days of recycler contact.

On submission of your claim, you will receive an email confirming your claim number and relevant details, if you have not received this within 2 hours of submitting, please contact our support team here. If you have received your confirmation email but you have not had any contact from our claims team or recycling partners within 1 business days of submitting your claim, please contact one of our support members here and we will investigate.

Our claims team may contact you if important information is missing from your claim form or, if they need to validate some of the information provided. In all instances, any requests will be fully detailed with instructions on how to provide the required information. If you receive this email, please respond as swiftly as you can, claims operate on a timeframe basis and delays in the process may result in expiration of your claim.

If our claims team reject your claim for any reason, you will receive an email with fully documented reasons for the rejection.  You can speak with one of our support members here at any time on the status of your claim.

You can check the status of your claim at any time by visiting here and accessing our claim tracker. You will need the email address you used when you submitted the claim and the claim ID number.

Your claim number will be emailed to you upon successful submission of your claim.

Questions about Sustainability

Yes, you can request disposal documentation for your trade-in by contacting our support team here.

Brighter Futures have partnered with Forest Carbon to ensure that your purchase of a qualifying product generates Carbon Credits. Your Carbon Credits will be invested in certified Woodland Carbon Code schemes throughout the UK, supported by the UK Government. The credit value earned is equivalent to the carbon footprint of your newly purchased device over 3 full years of usage.

Questions about Trade-in

We can accept desktops or laptops which are under 10 years old and power on for trade-in

Your trade-in goods must be collected by our recycling partner within 60 days from the date your claim was approved.

When your claim is approved, our recycling partner will contact you to arrange the return of your devices.

If you are trading in more than 10 devices, the collection is made by our fully accredited, secure transport freight partner so you do not have to wipe the devices prior to collection.If you wish to do so, we can send you data erasure software which will erase the data from your devices.  You can box the devices or leave them loose and our courier will pack them for you, simply advise our recycling partner during the arrangement process to ensure they dispatch a suitable vehicle/team for your uplift.

If you are trading in less than 10 devices, you will receive a pre-paid label and must wipe your devices of any data, package them securely for transit and arrange a collection time with our recycling partner to have a courier pick up your goods.

Please ensure you include the appropriate power cable with your trade-in devices. You do not have to include mice, keyboards, or any other peripherals.

All rewards are paid by BACS transfer, to process your reward, we require bank account name, account number, sort code and address associated with the account. Our account information request form is 264 bit encrypted and your information will be erased once the transfer has been made.

If the trade-in devices you send back are not as stated and/or do not meet the requirement for trade-in devices, we may have to revalue your reward. In the instance that we revalue your claim, you will be notified by email of the new reward value and the reasons for revaluation. If you are happy to proceed with this new value, simply reply to confirm your acceptance and your claim will proceed as usual. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the revised reward value you can request that your trade-in goods be returned to you, the cost of this return would be charged to you and once paid, a delivery will be arranged.

No. Collections must be made from the delivery address on your proof of purchase invoice.

The age of your device will display in the Overview tab To check the age of trade-in devices please select the appropriate operating system below and follow the instructions.

Windows Devices

  • Type System Information in the search bar in the bottom left corner and click ‘Open App’.
  • The System Information panel will display your BIOS date

Mac Devices

  • Click on the Apple Menu and select About This Mac
  • The age of your device will display in the Overview tab

Questions about Rewards

Yes, your reward value is inclusive of VAT. We can provide VAT remittance for your reward payment on request, please contact our support team, quoting your claim number to request this documentation.

Rewards are paid by BACS transfer within 14 working days of the approval of your trade-in goods by our recycler. We will send you an email update once that transfer has been made. From the point of transfer, BACS payments will take 3 business days to clear into the recipient account.

BACS payments take 3 business days from the point of transfer to clear into the recipient account. If you cannot see your reward in your account, please contact our support team here who will investigate.

Brighter Futures rewards are cash rewards made via BACS transfer. The reward values are listed below and are based on the qualifying product you purchase.

Qualifying Product Purchased/ CPU
Reward amount (£)
Intel i5/ AMD Ryzen 5 and upwards
All others


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