HP Subscription

Help maximise cash flow with a monthly subscription to use best-in-class hardware and services - plus, it allows you to renew your technology every three years for a low monthly payment.1


Many small- and medium-sized businesses are looking for a better way to manage their technology.

A better way to keep their products and software up-to-date without breaking their budget.

A better way to remain fully operational and productive.

Sound familiar?

HP Subscription is a solution from HP that lets you combine best-in-class hardware, services, and software for a convenient monthly fee. Providing new technology to your staff is essential to your productivity and growth. HP Subscription makes it simple to do just that, by providing a flexible and affordable option for your business.

HP Subscription can help businesses like yours...

Simplify IT

Stay up-to-date. technology changes quickly, with HP Subscription, you renew every there years so you don’t have to keep up with new hardware, services, and applications.

Help Reduce costs

Ongoing upgrades and maintenance can add up, decrease the financial impact of downtime caused by technology issues by choosing the level of support, additional services, and softweare you need.

Save time

Free up resources by picking from the latest and greatest HP hardware the best subscription duration for your business (24 or 36 monthes) so you can free up resources.