For Steam VR gamers who are looking for high-quality and immersive VR experiences whilst seeking lightweight and comfortable VR headsets for extended gameplay sessions.

£415 including VAT

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SystemActive stands as one of the premier distributors of DPVR products in the UK.

DPVR, with a dedicated focus on VR product design spanning over seven years, boasts a robust portfolio of independently developed technology patents. They have carved a unique niche with their tailor-made VR Headset services, providing both hardware and system customizations, enabling over 100 global enterprises to meet their business objectives.

Offering a comprehensive suite of customization services, such as logo design, boot animation, and VR system design, etc. DPVR supports clients across diverse sectors - education, healthcare, tourism, and professional training. They help these clients bring their products to life within a highly competitive price range.

The DPVR product line-up includes P1 Pro, P1 Pro Edu, P1 Pro 4K, and P1 Ultra 4K(which supports 4G/5G modes, BCI mode, etc).  In the prosumer range, they offer the E4, a gaming PCVR headset designed for the ultimate gaming experience.

Male gamer with DVPR E4 Headset
The DVPR E4 Headset

SystemActive has personally tested this device as we do with all products and are happy to highly recommend the DPVR E4 as the perfect headset for the consumer/prosumer for tethered PC VR experience.

This headset will make a great replacement for the HP Reverb which is shortly due to go end of life and it also comes at a very good price. This is a PC Tethered headset and SystemActive are in the perfect position to also help supply the PC, so please get in touch if you have any interest.

DPVR E4 Headset - Sleek Design Photo

Sleek & stylish design with LED breathing light & colourful panel

DPVR E4 Headet lightweight design

Lightweight & comfortable for long gaming sessions

DPVR E4 Headset - Flip up design

Flip-up design

DPVR E4 Headset - Easy & Fast installation

Easy & fast installation with driver instalation in just 5 minutes

How does the DPVR E4 stack up with its competitors?

DPVR E4 comparison with its competitors chart

High refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth and fluid gameplay


Wide field of view of 116° for a more immersive gaming experience


Lightweight design for comfortable and extended gameplay


6DOF move freely, precise tracking, wide range

Display Fast LCD
Screen Size 5.46 inch x1
Resolution 3664 x 1920
Optical Solution Fresnel
Refresh Rate 75/90/120hz
FOV 116 degree
Headset Size 173x80x82mm
Weight 280g (without headsetstrap)
Controller-Link method Bluetooth
Controller-Battery 1 AA battery/controller
IPD Range 54-74mm(automatic)
Position Solution Inside-out, 6Dof, Hawkeye Tracking System
Driver DPVR Assistant 4
Minimum CPU Specifications Intel(R) CoreTM i5,i7, Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1240 v4 or better
Minimum GPU Specifications NVIDIA (R) GeForce(R) GTX 1060 or better

£415 including VAT

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