Discover the benefits and advantages of gamification in the classroom

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According to scientific studies gaming improves everything from focus and hand eye coordination to problem solving and leadership skills.

Core Benefits:

  • Increased response times
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Stimulates creativity & focus
  • Improves leadership skills
  • Develops strategy
  • Improves critical thinking
  • Increased memory

Sport has long been a great way to get young people to develop their social and competitive skills and Esports is no different.  Many young people now have friends from all over the globe who regularly compete against each other and strangers on competitive games.


Digital Literacy

It's no secret that video games are on the rise - not just in popularity, but in academia too.

Many more educators are finding that by incorporating video game-like mechanics into their teaching, such as objectives and rewards, they're better abled to communicate and engage with their students.  This process is called gamification, and it can be applied to any non-gaming activity to make it more enjoyable and immersive.

Cognitive Development

Video games have long been a great way to create friends and bond but, users have also been secretly developing some very important skills with out knowing.  Skills such as critical thinking , problem solving and team building to name but a few.  Skills that are taught in the classroom, which is being noticed by many schools across the UK spurring on the rise of Esports courses at college and university level and gamification in secondary schools.  Gaming is no longer just a fun hobby, it can be the key to success in other areas of life!


Esports is now taken seriously in higher education, taking the hobby and passion to a full-on degree, expanding upon the student’s keen interest and already developed skills and bringing them to the next level.  The Esports world and the technology world are deeply interwoven, one excelling the other with the best of the best only being good enough.  All the more reason to make sure your students are getting just that.  The difference between amateur and pro is a fine line but the benefits are vastly superior.  Only by utilising the very best technology available can you make sure that your students and lecturers are getting the most they can.

The production behind Esports is more than just a computer and some friends.  There is so much more behind the scenes, from lighting and rigging, to cameras,  software, lenses, marketing, and finally the gaming rig itself.  And so much more.

The people who run these need to be incredibly skilled and versatile. The industry is changing, the technology is getting more advanced each year.  Getting your students set up with the right gear and the right technology from the start will put them on the right foot for the industry and improve their experiences and outcomes.

Photo of Esport student with coach
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There is no better time than now to take advantage of the rise in Esports in education, with more and more colleges and universities creating tailored Esports courses the field is only going become more popular.  For your students to truly excel it’s imperative that you have the best equipment.


SystemActive is here for that purpose!

We offer more than your standard IT reseller, supplying anything from desktops and laptops to custom built, bespoke gaming PC’s.  We hold our own education stock meaning we aren’t just drop shipping your equipment, and we take pride in providing you with excellent quality aftercare.  We have a team of dedicated education account managers ready and waiting to help you with all your IT needs. We will find you the perfect solution for you and your students!

What can we offer?

-Guidance on the technolgy required to run Esports courses as part of the curriculum
- Custom built, high spec PC’s
- Full support from beginning and aftercare
- Excellent relationships with manufactures
- Hold our own stock
- Upgrade and downgrade machines
- Dedicated account managers with expert knowledge of the industry
- 20 plus years of industry knowledge
- Excellent reputation with AMD and Intel


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