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HP Wolf Security Solution.

HP's security solutions help protect customer's Device, Identity, and Data with hardware-enforced protections that span from Below the OS, In the OS, and Above the OS.  Download the HP Wolf Security for Business Whitepaper, HP Wolf Pro Security Whitepaper, HP Wolf Pro Security Info sheet

Below The Operating System.

HP Endpoint Security Controller (ESC).

The built-in HP Endpoint Security Controller provides a hardware-enforced, self-healing, manageable, and resilient system in the face of any kind of PC attacks, including zero-day attacks.

HP's Endpoint Security Controller is physically isolated and cryptographically secured. So, it cannot be attacked by hackers.

HP Sure Start.

HP Sure Start can automatically detect, stop, and recover from a BIOS attack or corruption without IT intervention and with little or no interruption to user productivity.

Every time the PC powers on, HP Sure Start automatically validates the integrity of the BIOS code to help ensure that the PC is safeguarded from malicious attacks.

Once the PC is operational, runtime intrusion detection constantly monitors memory. In the case of an attack, the PC can self-heal using an isolated “golden copy” of the BIOS in less than a minute.

HP Sure Start Whitepaper, HP Sure Start Info Sheet

HP Sure Run.

Malware hides in applications such as Windows Registry, temporary folders, ink files, and Word files. Even more insidious is the threat posed by malware to IT infrastructure security defences. HP Sure Run, a hardware-enforced application persistence solution, keeps critical systems running.

HP Sure Run WhitepaperHP Sure Run Info Sheet

HP Sure Recover

Minimize user downtime and it effort with HP Sure Recover. You can quickly and easily reimage your device from anywhere, at any time, with hardware-enforced embedded recovery — and can even enable IT to schedule reimaging for the entire fleet.

HP Sure Recover Whitepaper, HP Sure Recover Info Sheet1, HP Sure Recover Info Sheet2

In The Operating system

HP Sure Click

Protect your PC from malware that lurks on malicious websites or hides in common files. HP Sure Click isolates key applications in their own virtual containers—trapping and deleting malware as soon as you close the application.

HP Sure Click WhitepaperHP Sure Click Info Sheet

HP Sure Sense

With an increasing risk of AI being used in malware attacks, Sure Sense is the HP solution that uses Deep Learning AI with malware protection capabilities that are light years ahead.

HP Sure Sense detects zero day never-before-seen threats and protects your PC in real time. HP Sure Sense operates within the OS in concert with HP Sure Run to keep endpoints protected 24/7 whether or not the endpoint is online.

HP Sure Sense Whitepaper, HP Sure Sense Info sheet

Above the Operating System

HP Sure View

HP Sure View is an effective solution to combat visual hacking and protect your company and personal data.

HP Sure View WhitepaperHP Sure View Info Sheet

HP TamperLock

HP TamperLock protects against an attacker opening the case of your PC and modifying the hardware in a malicious manner. HP TamperLock includes sensors to detect whether the case was opened and policy controls to configure what action to take if it occurs.

HP TamperLock Whitepaper, HP TamperLock Info Sheet

HP Wolf Pro Security Edition

Enterprise-level protection against malware in a simple, preconfigured installation package designed for small and medium-sized businesses.  No management required.

HP Wolf Pro Security WhitepaperHP Wolf Pro Security Info Sheet

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