The first batch of Reverbs are on their way

We have compiled some useful links and resources to help get you on your way and provide you with some "light" reading.



Here are some links to useful Microsoft support pages for the HP Reverb G2

A short and simple video showing the basic assembly and set up of the HP Reverb G2

Customer Solutions

We will post problems experienced and solutions found here.


  • Problems with x570 motherboards and AM4 Socket

    If your x570 motherboard supports GEN PCIe 4.0 try changing to 3.0 in BIOS.  If this doesn't work we have been told buying this PCIe Card has helped others 90% of the time

  • The HP Logo isn’t lighting up on the headset or its just not being recognised by the PC

    Download and run - WMR compatibility checker. From the WMR Store. It seems to download an extra driver and PING it suddenly works.

  • Contacts and connectors

    On removing the lead from headset in readiness to return the device, I checked the contacts of the connector and saw what appeared to be a slight discolouration at one end. Under a magnifier light I was able to lift a small piece of plastic film from inside. The film remained attached to the connector, trapped between the inner connector body and the outer metal sheath. At this stage I took the attached photo, which shows that the plastic film has caused the outer sheath to bow out.

Other useful links Customers have sent in

If you find any useful reverb G2 support pages out there please email us and we will add below to help others.

Where to find your serial number on your Reverb Box or Headset

Serial Number location Photo
Photo of serial number on Reverb Mask

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Brings cutting-edge technology, seamless integration with SteamVR, & improved optics and audio

Microsoft Logo

Brings industry leading 6DoF tracking with integration to SteamVR

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Brings the world’s most comprehensive commercial VR portfolio


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Gamers using the HP Reverb G2
Woman creating in VR using HP Reverb G2
Image of people collaborating with the HP Reverb G2
Doctor using HP reverb G2 to learn

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