"Urgo Ltd have dealt with Systemactive since 2011 and in that time Systemactive have become our main supplier of laptops, desktops and maintenance services, mainly for HP kit.
I don’t recall any major issues in that 9-year period, so the level of service, pricing and quality have been really very good.
In all that time I have only dealt with 2 account managers, Dominic Champion and Gary Cornwell. You have both been a pleasure to deal with providing helpful, timely and straightforward advice in a market sector that is subject to a lot of variability of supply.
You have always supplied us with exactly what we want, including upgraded or over specification kit at no price increase.
One thing that need not be feared is the label “renew” on any offer. These items are not second hand but are new, with a full warranty and fully checked items, sometimes at amazingly low prices.
Also, HP are what I consider to be a proper manufacturer whose products are designed for the real world so they are serviceable and mendable – unlike certain other large brands. On the odd occasions when an engineer is needed it is easy to get one arranged via their online facility".

Greg Boden

IT Manager, Urgo Ltd