The World's most powerful 1U rack workstation.

For the first time ever, get Z performance in a high density 1U footprint. This slim powerhouse lets you pack more units and power into your data closet. Perfect for use with HP ZCentral , our single source remote workstation solution frees power users to work from anywhere.

Cut costs, not performance. Centralize with Z.

Maximize your compute investment by centralizing a suite of ZCentral 4Rs that can be accessed remotely across users. Plus, software certifications for leading apps come standard , delivering professional reliability and predictable licensing fees.

HP's most secure workstation.

Advanced security features come standard on every ZCentral 4R. System safeguards like the industry’s first self healing BIOS help lock your device, data and identity down tight.

Create your own upgrade path.

Invest only in the technology you need now, knowing you can scale over time. Get the ability to expand as the compute demands of your workforce evolve, with impressive memory capacity, space for multiple GPUs and upgradable power supply options.

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HP ZCentral Remote Boost is a remote desktop application on steroids.  It let's you take all of the power of a high powered Z Computer like the ZCentral 4R and access it from any other device and from any location.  Whether it's a Mac or PC it makes no difference.


Simply download a piece of software on to devices and connect.  This naturally lets a lot of people connect at the same time.  Allowing them to take turns with the mouse so they can be interacting and designing in a very collaborative mode.  When people test this for themselves they quickly realise "this changes everything" for the way they work.


HP Z Central Remote Boost gives you that "just like local experience". You move the mouse the mouse immediately moves you hit play and it starts playing back a timeline seamlessly.  Start your render and change to a different window and just keep working.




Unlike a virtualized server, our solution provides direct, undivided access to workstation-class performance without the additional maintenance and costs.



Cloud-based solutions don’t offer the cost-structure you need for power-users. Get predictable pricing without trading-off configurable performance.


As the world's only single-source remote workstation solution, no extra remote hardware or software is required. It's a simple end-to-end solution.

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HP ZCentral

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HP ZCentral 4R Features

Intel® Xeon® W-Series Processors Get the performance and productivity you need to run demanding professional applications with up to an 18-core Intel® Xeon® W-series processor.
Graphics Boost your graphics power for peak performance with support for one ultra high-end or two mid-tier NVIDIA Quadro® professional graphics options.
Power Supply Options Choose a power supply that can keep up. With an aggregated option—combining two power supplies—or a redundant option, you'll have power to keep you up and running.
Memory Get greater application responsiveness to tackle large workloads with quad-channel architecture providing up to 256 GB of memory.
Long Lifecycle Minimize how often you have to refresh your PC with a machine built for longevity. This workstation is with you for the long-term.
Operating Systems Choose between Windows 10 Pro 64* or Linux® client operating systems. Whichever suits your needs best.
Fast Network Connections Multiple high-speed network connections are easy with dual embedded 1 x 10 GbE and 1 x 1GbE ports for speedy data transfers.
Storage Install pro-grade PCIe SSD storage hardware and enhance the performance of your storage-bound apps without sacrificing standard PCIe slots.
Reliability We know you need performance you can rely on. That's why our products endure over 360,000 hours of rigorous testing and software certification.
Tool-less Access Upgrade quickly with tool-less access to multiple components including power supplies, fans, storage drives and memory. Expansion made easy for evolving technology needs.

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