NVIDIA RTX A4500 Graphics Card Family

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NVIDIA Ampere Architecture

NVIDIA RTX A4500 workstation GPU offers high performance real-time ray tracing, AI-accelerated compute, and professional graphics rendering within an optimized power envelope.


Higher Speed GDDR6 Memory

Built with 20GB GDDR6 memory, the RTX A4500 delivers the memory throughput required for memory intensive tasks such as ray tracing, rendering, and AI workloads. The RTX A4500 provides large graphics memory to address the larger datasets and models in latency-sensitive professional applications.


Error Correcting Code (ECC) on Graphics Memory

Meet strict data integrity requirements for mission critical applications with uncompromised computing accuracy and reliability for workstations.


2nd Generation RT Cores

Incorporating 2nd generation ray tracing engines, NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs provide incredible ray traced rendering performance. A single RTX A4500 board can render complex professional models with physically accurate shadows, reflections, and refractions to empower users with instant insight.


3rd Generation Tensor Cores

Purpose-built for deep learning matrix arithmetic at the heart of neural network training and inferencing functions, the RTX A4500 includes enhanced Tensor Cores that accelerate more datatypes, and includes a new Fine-Grained Structured Sparsity feature that delivers up to 2X throughput for tensor matrix operations compared to the previous generation Tensor Cores.


PCIe Gen 4

The RTX A4500 supports PCI Express Gen 4, which provides double the bandwidth of PCIe Gen 3, improving data-transfer speeds from CPU memory for data-intensive tasks like AI and data science.


3rd Generation NVLink2

Connect two RTX A4500 cards with NVLink to double the effective memory footprint and scale application performance by enabling GPU-to-GPU data transfers at rates up to 112.5 GB/s (total bandwidth).


NVIDIA® Quadro Sync II4

Synchronize the display and image output of up to 32 displays[iii] from 8 GPUs (connected through two Sync II boards) in a single system, reducing the number of machines needed to create an advanced video visualization environment.

Photo ofNVIDIA RTX A4500 graphics card

NVIDIA RTX A4500 Features & Benefits


Photo ofNVIDIA RTX A4500 graphics card

NVIDIA RTX A4500 Datasheet

Download the NVIDIA RTX A4500 Datasheet pdf

Experience the NVIDIA A4500 and the Power of the HP Z4 Workstation.

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Powerful Performance for Professionals.

The NVIDIA RTX™ A4500 combines high performance, enterprise reliability,
and the latest RTX technology to help you achieve your best work in realtime.
Built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the RTX A4500 combines 56
second-generation RT Cores, 224 third-generation Tensor Cores, and 7,168
CUDA® cores with 20 GB of graphics memory to supercharge rendering, AI,
graphics, and compute tasks.

Test Drive the A4500.

We can provide qualifying businesses with a demo NVIDIA A4500 to test, compare and evaluate on their own premises..

Loan an HP Z4 G4 Workstation.

If you'd like to try out the new HP Z4 along with the RTX A4500 installed contact us and we'll be delighted to arrange this for you (your business will need to qualify).

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