Introducing Pico 4

All-in-one VR Headset

All-in-One Play for Longer

Explore the expansive world of VR without the need for additional equipment or cables and play all day long with ease thanks to a new lightweight design for maximum comfort.

Crystal-Clear Picture

State-of-the-art hardware powered by the world-class Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, 4K level 90Hz display and 105° ultra-wide field of view combined with 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) tracking to truly immerse you.

A World of Entertainment

Enjoy the best VR has to offer with Pico Store. You’ll find all of your favourite native 6DoF games and apps updated weekly, including VR Awards’ Game of the Year. Want even more? Access your PC VR library and wirelessly stream over 4000 Steam Ò titles


Optimize your entertainment experience with Pico 4’s cutting edge screen and sensor technology.

The new Pico 4 brings a brighter screen and 4K+ resolution, 35% higher than typical 4K. More detailed image is delivered through the 1,200 PPI screen and more vivid and immersive colours are possible thanks to the 85% saturation rate.

A 90Hz refresh rate and lower latency overcomes the feelings of motion sickness. Pico 4 also gives an improved motion tracking performance delivering a more accurate, low-latency tracking experience.

Better Comfort

Enjoy an all-day immersive experience in comfort, thanks to the Pico 4 lightweight headset.

The small and lightweight Pico 4 weights only 295g without strap, making it light enough for prolonged usage with great comfort. The hard strap design is elegant and provides a balanced wearing experience. The light weight is achieved through the implementation of smaller, more transparent Pancake Optics, reducing the front end of the product by 1/3

Expansive Content

Reconnect with a world of joy when you explore different realities through Pico 4’s library of content.

The Pico Store offers a growing variety of content from games and fun sports (with the Fitness App that includes calorie counter and performance tracker) to live video performances (concerts, music festivals) and exclusive releases. It also brings realism to the next level with emotional connection and an avatar social system.

Pico 4 features improved responsive, ergonomically designed controllers with realistic haptic feedback from the controller vibrations and a enhanced audio experience thanks to powerful yet smaller low frequency speakers.


Pico Fitness

You can now create your own VR exercise plans on Pico and track your VR fitness data while you're playing your favourite games. You can also view for how long you have worked out and how many calories you have burnt!

Just Dance

Just Dance is the most popular game music franchise of all time and is coming to Pico 4 exclusively! It will be available in 2023 only with Pico and in VR form for the very first time!

Hit Games

Pico 4 offers a very broad gaming experience including all kinds of games for all tastes. Ranging from shooting or adventure and action games to sports and rhythm or casual and relaxing games.

Video and Social

Pico video
+600 videos at launch

  • Live performance (Wave partnership for live concerts)
  • International sports events
  • Virtual interaction
  • Film and TV resources (2D+3D+VR panoramic content on social cinema)

Project Pico World

  • VR cross-platform interaction
  • Emotional connection
  • Avatar social space (ex: party)
  • Social service = friend relationship +system of avatar image + IM comms. + team system

Pico video
+600 videos at launch

Mixed reality capture enables you to capture video footage of yourself within virtual reality, using a PC, camera and green screen.

Explore new worlds effortlessy with the new Pico 4

Lightweight & compact design

  • Stepless IPD adjustment
  • Hard strap with fit wheel
  • Counterweight design with rear battery

Competitive Price

  • £379 for the 128GB Model £449 for the 256GB Model
  • Some accessories such as nose pad and controller lanyards included for free on the box

More vivid & realistic experience

  • Eye and face tracking
  • Mono + single colour RGB enables colour see through
  • 5 to 8 cameras

Endless Content

+230 apps:

  • 165 6DoF games
  • Fitness apps and casual sports
  • Exclusive courses
  • New content constantly release after launch

Pico 4 Accessories

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Basic Model

Pico 4

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 255 (Min) / 310 (Max) mm (L) * 163mm (W) * 83.5mm (H)
Weight: 295g (without straps), total weight: 586g
Box dimensions: Europe 397x214x144.5mm


  • Platform: Qualcomm XR2, 8 Cores 64 bit, 2.84GHz, 7nm process technology
  • CPU: Kryo 585
  • GPU: Adreno 650


  • RAM: 8GB LPDDR4X, 2133MHz
  • ROM: 128GB/256GB, UFS 3.0

Display and Optics

  • Display: 2.56" ✕ 2 LCD display
  • Resolution: 4,320 ✕ 2,160 (2,160 ✕ 2,160 per eye)
  • PPI: 1200
  • Refresh rate: 72Hz / 90Hz
  • Field of view (FOV): 105°
  • Lens: Pancake Lens
  • Interpupillary distance (IPD): Support stepless adjustment with a range of 62~72mm Eye protection mode: TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified (software solution)


Speaker: 360° surrounding stereo speakers, supporting 3D spatial sound Microphone: Dual Mic up to 30dB noise reduction and 50dB echo cancellation

Cameras and Sensors

  • Cameras: Fisheye Cameras*4, 16MP RGB Camera*1
  • Headset sensors: Nine-axis sensor, P-Sensor, Hall Sensor, Motor Driver
  • Controller sensors: 6 axis sensors (Gyroscope Accelerator)


  • Type: 6DoF broadband haptic motion controller*2
  • Buttons: Joystick / Trigger / Grip / Menu / Capture / Home / X/Y (Left hand) / A/B (Right hand)
  • Motor: Broadband Motor, 50~500Hz, can support up to 2.8G vibration
  • Dimensions: 146 * 75 * 119 mm (L x W x H)
  • Sol motor handle: 185g (with battery) 140g (without battery)
  • Gearmotor handle: 179g (with battery) 133g (without battery)


  • Pico 4 Carrying Case - 303*204.5*139mm
  • Pico 4 Face Cushion - 197*116*87mm
  • Pico Motion controller - 162*134*74.5mm
  • Pico Body Tracker
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Items Specification Comments
Tracker placement Strap  
Tracker position Ankle, lower leg, Thigh, Waist  
Tracker Volume 2 trackers Support 5 trackers
Battery AAA battery  
Weight <20g  
Communication BLE5.0  
Latency <5ms  
Sensor rate 100Hz  
Light indication White color LED  
Working hours >40 hours  
IMU Sensor 9-axis  
Sensor full scale ±2000dps/±16g/±8gauss  
Tracking performance Static accuracy:
  • Yaw: 1 degree RMS
  • Pitch: 0.5 degree RMS
  • Roll: 0.5 degree RMS
Dynamic accuracy:
  • Yaw: 2 degree RMS
  • Pitch: 1 degree RMS
  • Roll: 1 degree RMS
Output Data
  • Orientation data
  • Acceleration data
  • Angular velocity data
  • Magnetic field data
  • Timestamp data

Pico Dove

Category Detail Item Sepcs
Platform Flash Memory 16MB
Standard 802.11ax, 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11a
Wireless encryption WPA2™ and WPA3™ (Wi-Fi Protected Access)
Antenna 2x Antenna
Airborne velocity 1201Mbps
Field of view 360°
Scope 10m 10M radius
System Compatibility WIndows10/Windows11
Peripherals Standard peripherals USB3.0 1.2m-1.5m USB3.0 1.2m-1.5m extension cable
Indicator light and keys
Indicator light 1 LED indicator to indicate the local network connection status
Physical keys NA
Physical Interface
USB3.2 Data interface
Power supply interface USB port
Wear it
Dust class No special requirements
Weight Weight TBD
Size Size XXXxXXXxXXX (L x W x H)
Operating storage
Operating temperature Working temperature: 0~ 45 °C;
Storage temperature Storage temperature: -20~ 75 °C

Ergonomic Design

Rear battery design makes it more comfortable to wear

Battery and Battery Life

Headset: 5300mAh, which lasts about 2.5~3 hours in active use
Controllers: Two AA batteries, which last about 80 hours* in active use (*Laboratory data. In actual use, the vibration frequency of different scenes may be different, and there may be differences.)

Wireless Connections

Wi-Fi: Support Wi-Fi 6, 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth 5.1


PICO OS is custom developed based on Android and is an operation interface system specially designed for VR all-in-one. PICO OS has been deeply optimized for VR games, audio and video, and interactive operations to make the experience of using virtual reality devices simpler and smoother. With hundreds of thousands of hours of cooperative video resources and rich VR games and applications built-in, your personal virtual reality entertainment center has now been reloaded online.

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