Renew Box

The Smart Choice

When you choose HP Renew from SystemActive, you’re making a smart decission.
Every product carries the same service and warranty option as new HP products-
and it’s environmentally friendly too!

  • Hp factory Certified to be ‘as good as new’
  • Complete with a full orginial HP Warrenty
  • HP Boxed & Packed
  • Superd saving & value

Discover the benefits of remanufactured products that mirror the quality and reliability of new at very competitive prices.

There is a lot of press given these days to recycling products to avoid environmental impact. A positive way to reduce the impact of products that are no longer being utilised but are in perfectly good condition, is to remanufacture them. HP offers such products through the HP Renew program. HP Renew products are not to be confused with "used" products. Instead they are high quality products that are completely remanufactured by HP. HP Renew offers an extensive portfolio of returned equipment that has been completely remanufactured by HP. All HP Renew products are Factory-Certified to be as good as new with performance equal to new. We even return it to its same-as-new warranty status. The benefit: Factory-Certified HP technology with a lower cost and performance equal to new. All HP Renew products are backed by the full original HP warranty.

Where do HP Renew remanufactured products come from?

  • Customer returns and cancelled orders - Fully-functional products that have left the HP warehouse and therefore can no longer be sold as new
  • Demonstration and trial equipment - Products which have been provided to customers for demonstration purposes
  • Factory or reseller overstocks - Items that are returned by HP Partners to make room for newer product lines
  • Factory loaner equipment - Products that have been used for purposes such as trade shows, customer events, or solution centres and have been returned to HP
  • These products are not old, out-of-date machines. Rather, more than 80 percent of HP Renew Program offerings are less than 12 months old, and often the latest technology becomes available through HP Renew shortly after its introduction. The only difference (besides their lower cost) is that these products have, for one reason or another, left HP warehouses and can no longer be sold as new.

How are HP Renew products remanufactured?

Remanufactured HP Renew products undergo a rigorous process to completely restore them to their original factory condition and performance. Every product in the HP Renew portfolio is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the same stringent standards as new products, and once verified, the HP Renew are backed by the full original HP warranty. In addition, service and support options are equivalent to that offered with new HP products and the most current software revisions are also installed.

What is the difference between HP Renew products and other remanufactured or refurbished products?

The distinction between HP Renew products and other remanufactured or refurbished equipment is not always obvious. HP Renew products are fully backed by HP, and have been remanufactured to be equivalent to new product standards. They carry the same warranty and service options as new HP products. On the other hand, refurbished or used equipment not purchased from HP or HP resellers is generally not fully tested and or certified to meet like-new standards. It is unlikely that these products would be backed by the full manufacturer's warranty. Purchasing a remanufactured product from SystemActive HP Renew offers the same peace of mind provided with a new product with a discount that is at least 15% off the equivalent new product price.

When are HP Renew remanufactured products better?

If your IT budget is lean, then HP Renew remanufactured products can offer a high quality, fully warranted solution at a low cost. HP Renew offers the latest HP technology, older generation equipment that is no longer available as new, and everything in between. For some applications, the latest, greatest technology is a must. In other cases, a remanufactured product is simply a better choice as the following examples illustrate:

  • Companies may not always require the very latest technology or want to keep pace with short technology lifecycles
  • Your company has a need to maintain or extend a proven, stable environment and production on that platform has been discontinued
  • A new product that is out of stock or constrained may be available from the extensive worldwide inventory of HP Renew products
  • Mixing and matching new HP products with HP Renew products optimizes IT budgets while ensuring HP quality, reliability and performance for future growth
  • HP Renew equipment may offer the best price/performance value for a training room or similar environment
  • Software testing may be performed just as effectively using HP Renew products as new products

What should I look for when I buy remanufactured products?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when you buy a remanufactured product. Here are a few tips:

  • Buy directly from the manufacturer or its official partners - Be sure your product has been remanufactured by the original manufacturer. Brokers looking to recoup losses may refurbish a product cheaply and resell it without an adequate warranty or return policy. Buying directly from HP or an authorized HP Partner ensures that your product has been remanufactured and tested to meet stringent HP standards.
  • Check the warranty - Does your seller guarantee the quality of its remanufactured products? Remanufactured products in the HP Renew portfolio are covered by the full original HP warranty, which is equivalent to that offered with new products.
  • Ask about return policies - If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your remanufactured product, Sytemactive provides a no questions asked return policy.
  • Check the software, service, and support options - Can the equipment be added to your service contract? Is the software legally licensed? Will the products come with the latest firmware and most current software revisions? Service and support options for HP Renew remanufactured products are equivalent to those offered with new HP products and the most current software revisions and firmware upgrades are installed.